Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Home Farm Fishery Open Match 24th Feb 2017

This Match fishing mullarkey is starting to annoy me
Arrived early and was soon met by 6 other eager anglers all hoping for a decent days fishing
It was decided to be a rover and i had 4th choice and picked what i thought would be a half decent peg half way down the lake near the Aerator
Set up a small feeder hoping the mild weather may get the Carp feeding well and 3 pole rigs 1 for 13 mtrs (never used as wind was horrendous) one for top 6 and 1 for the Margins both left and right
Brendan Ions ( The Torbay Tart) had turned up for this match and despicably offered to take a pound off me which for some reason I agreed too.
I Everyone got set up quickly and soon the all in was called
I started on the feeder close to the aerator and had a few indications but no bites
It soon became clear my pound was heading across the lake to Brendan who started to catch small Carp at a steady pace then landed a lovely 12lB one which had a huge tail which it waved at me as Brendan slipped it into his keepnet.
I swapped to the pole after 45minutes by which time i was already 20lb behind Brendan
I could see Carl in the far corner catching well and Elliot on the end bank behind the Island was also catching well.
Glen & Geoff had started slower than the others but quicker than me.
I  Had a lovely bite after an hour and hooked into something substantial but it pulled away and my rig snapped in half not sure why but I blame myself for not checking the rig properly
I quickly grabbed another rig and went back in hooked another carp but I think it was foul hooked as the hook rulled quite quickly
This was the story of my day as i lost more than i landed and my total was 8 carp 2 decent 6 smallish for around 20lb including loads of Roach
Carl had a great day finishing with 110lb mainly from his right hand margin
Elliot came second with 80lb+ and Brendan snuck Third with 60lb+ 3 other 40lb weights show how good this fishery can fish in bad conditions.
I spoke with Brendan after the match and got some good advise which i will be following in the future.
Steep learning curve for me at the moment but am looking forward to a silvers only match at Goodiford Mill in 2 weeks time.

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